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Optometric Affiliates

Here are the Optometric Affiliate benefits to you and your patient:

Criteria for becoming an Optometric affiliate:

Being an OD affiliate is free. The following is what the program needs from you to participate:

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About VisionLockTM

VisionLockTM is the only ophthalmic outcomes-based insurance provider, and the first in the United States to build a network of eye surgeons and optometric affiliates with proven results so safe and consistent that their LASIK and advanced refractive surgery outcomes are insured for up to $1 million… at no additional charge to patients.

VisionLockTM gives patients the confidence and peace of mind that they have chosen the best possible optometric & ophthalmic team for their LASIK or laser cataract procedure.  Quantitative research has demonstrated VisionLockTM Certification is a powerful message for patients looking for proof they are getting the best care possible.

*Data on file, Patient Confidence Corporation Of America, 2015

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