VisionLock Certified Surgeon with Insured Outcomes

Proof you are getting a Superior Surgeon

You want a great eye doctor, but how can you tell?

VisionLock Certified Surgeons have proven surgical skills so consistent and safe your outcomes are actually insured.
*Currently Not Enrolling New Patients*

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Each VisionLock Certified Surgeon Has:

  • Been evaluated across over 30 surgical criteria including feedback from local medical specialists
  • Performed in excess of 500 procedures and is a highly respected and qualified Refractive Specialist
  • A surgical facility that meets or exceeds all local, state and FDA requirements

VisionLock finds and covers Superior Surgeons with proven skills

Only the Best of the Best

Less than 5% of eye surgeons nationwide meet VisionLock requirements and provide patients this visual results outcomes insurance coverage free of charge. They can only provide it because of the surgical standards they have consistently met.

VisionLock Coverage - More than just Outcomes Insurance

Your VisionLock Coverage is focused on getting you the best vision possible. Included in your coverage is:

  • Patient Support Call Center - If you have a question or just aren't happy with your vision you can get a independent second opinion to ensure you are getting the best vision possible
  • Second Opinion Support - Free from pre-approved ophthalmologists, or $250 coverage if you want to use the ophthalmologist of your choice
  • Emergency Room Coverage - Up to $5,000 coverage for accidental injury to the covered eye within 30 days of surgery regardless of cause
  • VisionLock Outcomes Insurance - Because your VisionLock Certified Surgeon has proven skills and a record of success your eyes are covered in the unlikely event of specific loss of vision event. This coverage provides reimbursement for up to $1 million dollars depending you your procedure and individual visual outcomes.

Of course, certain pre existing health and visual conditions and limitations apply; and these are contained in the VisionLock Plan Description, which will be provided by your physician. Or you can read it here on our web site.

Rest assured, VisionLock has you covered.

It's your eyes, choosing a VisionLock Certified Surgeon is a smart choice for peace of mind.

  1. Coverage limits vary by procedure.