Frequently-Asked Questions


What Is VisionLockTM?

It is a vision outcome insurance that is available only from VisionLock certified surgeons.

Do All Eye Doctors Provide VisionLock Outcome Insurance?

No.  VisionLock is only available to the best surgeons who are interested in providing a superior level of care and coverage for their patients.  There are over 10,000 eye surgeons in the United States; VisionLock will certify less than 5% of them.

What Do I Get From A VisionLock Practice?

VisionLock takes the guesswork out of finding a great surgeon.  VisionLock certified surgeons have proven surgical records so safe and consistent that your outcomes are insured.

How Does A Doctor Become VisionLock Certified?

VisionLock is only available to surgeons who have passed an evaluation of over 40 different procedural and technological criteria including feedback from local healthcare professionals on their skills and history.  Additionally, patient experience is continually monitored to ensure expectations are being met.  Surgeons who do not continue to meet VisionLock criteria are discontinued from the program.

Can Any Doctor Be VisionLock Certified?

No, only surgeons who pass the certification review process can become VisionLock certified.

Is Malpractice Insurance The Same As Outcome Insurance?

No.  Malpractice insurance is purchased by physicians and hospitals to cover the cost of being sued for malpractice.  VisionLock Outcome insurance provides patients financial remuneration in the event of specific unintended visual outcomes.  

What Does VisionLock Outcome Insurance Provide?

  • Up to $5,000 eye care emergency room coverage for 30 days following surgery regardless of cause.
  • Free second opinion from a qualified surgical specialist if you are not happy with your visual outcome (or you can get $250 towards using a surgeon of your choice).
  •  Patient consultation support from a surgeon for any questions or concerns.
  •  Up to $1 Million Dollars of insurance coverage depending on your procedure and level of vision loss.*

 But my eyes are worth more than a million dollars.

Yes, your eyes are priceless; that’s why you want a VisionLock certified surgeon.  Only VisionLock surgeons provide you proof of their skills by providing the best care and coverage for your eyes.

How Much Does VisionLock Cost?

VisionLock is provided at no charge from surgeons who meet the surgical outcome criteria and want to provide this extra level of care and coverage for patients.  Only surgeons who have outstanding surgical records can afford to provide this coverage. Just like any insurance, VisionLock is only available from surgeons who have a proven record of safe and consistent surgical outcomes.