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Press Release - November 2nd 2015


VisionLock Advanced Refractive Care Program Expands to Florida, Georgia and Arizona


-  Proven in PA and TX, VisionLock increases advanced procedure profits -


Wayne PA, November 1, 2015 – The Patient Confidence Corporation of America (PCCA) announced today that VisionLock Patient care coverage for LASIK and Advanced Refractive Cataract Procedures is now available in Florida, Georgia and Arizona.  The program has demonstrated the ability to increase patient conversions to advanced refractive procedures by providing a value message that is both meaningful and motivating to patients.

Patients are looking for the best care possible for their eyes but how can they know if they are selecting a superior surgeon working with proven technologies?  VisionLock makes finding a superior surgeon simple.  VisionLock Surgeon certification and insured outcomes provides a simple and powerful message to patients.  “All Surgeons say they are great, VisionLock Certified Surgeons outcomes are so safe and consistent your outcomes are insured.”  This message moves the patients advanced procedure discussions from the cost of the procedure to the proven skills of the surgeon.   Both quantitative research and in-practice results have demonstrated VisionLock Certification increases patient conversion to advanced procedures. 

VisionLock Patient Care Coverage is only available from physicians who meet or exceed all local, state, and FDA treatment guidelines.  A Physician is evaluated on over 30 different treatment criteria and by the Patient Confidence Corporation of America medical board.  Only the best surgeons can provide VisionLock patient care coverage.

“VisionLock demonstrates in a meaningful way that my skills with advanced procedures are worth the investment“ said Dr. Greg Parkhurst of Parkhurst/NuVision in San Antonio TX. Everybody claims they are supplying the best care, VisionLock provides our patients quantifiable proof that we have consistently delivered superior care”.

With the successful launch of VisionLock in PA and TX, PCCA will continue to expand VisionLock coverage across the country


About the Patient Confidence Corporation of America

PCCA was established to help Superior Surgeons meaningfully differentiate their practice and increase advanced refractive procedures while reducing the potential for malpractice lawsuits in the event of an unexpected outcome. The VisionLock Insurance Policy is underwritten by CV STARR Insurance, a multi-billion dollar underwriting company with offices throughout the world. 

4/16/14 - Press Release
Ric Tiplady Joins Patient Confidence Corporation of America as President of U.S... operations.  
Company expands coverage availability into Pennsylvania and Texas
The Patient Confidence Corporation of America (PCCA) has announced the appointment of Frederic N. (Ric) Tiplady as  president. Mr. Tiplady will direct and oversee continuing implementation of the company’s product, VisionLock™.
"With over 30 years of ophthalmic industry experience, including launch of the two predominate refractive laser platforms in the US, Ric's expertise in establishing new products and technology in the ophthalmic industry makes him perfect for this position," said Kim Tietz, the company’s chief operating officer. 
 “We are very excited to have Ric on board with us” said Steven Siepser, M.D.. “He has a strong understanding of ophthalmology and has been very successful bringing other companies to success”.  Dr. Siepser will continue his involvement with the company as founder and CEO. Dr. Siepser, along with Dr. Lawrence Spivack, will act jointly as Medical Directors, responsible for surgeon certification approval and ongoing evaluation.  “VisionLock™ certification provides patients with a new selection criteria for surgeons” stated Dr. Siepser. 
“Regardless of all the advances in technology, most patients make their physician selection based on the belief that they are getting the very best doctor”, stated Ric Tiplady.  “VisionLock™ provides patients with easy-to-understand, meaningful surgeon differentiation. Differentiation will become an even more important factor in the expanding patient-pay arena. I am very excited to be involved with VisionLock™; it is good for patients, it is good for doctors and good for ophthalmology.”
Prior to his appointment at PCCA, Mr. Tiplady had served as Director of Strategic Accounts with Alcon. Previous to this he served as Vice President of Business Development at WaveLight, prior to the company’s acquisition by Alcon. He is also the former Vice President of Sales US, for Visx Inc. and AMO Refractive.  
Mr. Tiplady attended undergraduate school at Eastern Washington University and Marylhurst University in Oregon. He received his Masters in Business Administration at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois.  He has demonstrated a commitment to ongoing ophthalmic education through his participation in both clinical programs and professional symposia. Mr. Tiplady has been a frequent speaker to industry and physician groups. He is active with mission trips for the Hawaiian Eye Foundation and serves as a member of the foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board. 
VisionLock™ currently operates in Pennsylvania and Texas and has pending insurance operations in nine additional states. Steven Siepser, M.D.. can be reached at and Kim Tietz can be reached at Ric Tiplady can be reached at